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"Rainbows, Mudpuddles & Serendipity" Remembers "Lady"

Blaloc SeafoodsFollowing the recent passing of our beloved African Lion, Lady, we recieved a letter from Sue Stanley, a former preschool director in Bay Minette, AL. When Lady first came to us in 1995, Sue was the director of the preschool "Rainbows, Mud Puddles and Serendipity".

She and her staff took a kind gesture and turned it into a learning opportunity while creating a valuable life lessons for these children. They organized raffles, bake sales, lemonade stands and more.

The children pitched their ideas to a bank and requested a loan to purchase all the supplies they would need and when they learned that they were approved, they quickly went to work!

One afternoon they went to pick scupperrongs to make homemade jelly. They learned about measurements and then carefully packed the jelly into baby food jars to sell. They mixed, baked, and packaged many more baked goods, manned lemonade stands, and sold handmade chocolate treats for Valentine's Day!LCB 2012

The students proudly made a visit to the bank to repay their loan and were elated when the bank donated it back to the cause! They were so happy to be helping her to grow into a big, strong lioness.

Next, they planned a visit to the zoo to present their donation of $2,568.30 when they'd get to see Lady playing with her traffic cone in the sunshine and then she'd give a special roar "just for them".

They continued to visit Lady over the years and watched her grow and thrive with her new zoo family. Now, 19 years later they have all grown up and are scattered all over the world. They do keep in touch and talk of Lady the Lion often.

We just had to share their story and photos with you as we thank Sue Stanley, for embracing Lady and make a difference in her life, and the lives of the children who participated.


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