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We'd like to shine the light on these special zoo supportes!

Tom & Fran Plott

Patti with Charlotte Pictured above, Tom & Fran Plott present just three of the signed prints from their collection.

We recently recieved a very generous donation of artwork that we simply had to share. This collection of artwork by wildlife artists Charles Frace' and Betty Allison brings wildlife to life in a series of prints that truly capture their love of animals. We are so honored to have recieved this donation and, if we can pry these beautiful pieces from Patti's grip, they will be showcased in a huge fundraising event to be held in 2013.

Originally from Opileka, Alabama, Tom and Fran Plott were high school sweethearts who had a deep love for animals. Over the years they developed a love for art and have a fantastic collection which includes works by reknowned painters Charles Frace and Betty Allison.

As an elementary school teacher just a few miles up the road in Foley, AL, Fran has brought hundreds of young students to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo on field trips. Her love for animals and our zoo has grown over the years as well. When she and Tom learned of our plans to build a zoo on higher ground they wanted to help.

Visiting the zoo was something they could do on a regular basis, but they wanted to do more and decided to share their art collection with the zoo. On a sunny autumn afternoon they brought these beautiful prints to us and even stayed for a photo op. We couldn't be more thrilled to display these prints and, if we can pry them from Patti's hands, we'll announce the plans for the silent auction as soon as we have those plans finalized.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to the Plott's for sharing this fabulous collection with us and for their continued support over the years to the betterment of our zoo.


Charles Frace

Frace' is a well known wildlife artist who, since 1967, had over 150 paintings published for the National Wildlife Federation. His accurate, artistic, and alive paintings are a result of careful research through photography, sketching and studying wildlife in their habitat. As a member of the Society of Animal Artists, he has received many awards. Charles Frace passed away in 2005, but his vision and passion for animals lives on through his artwork.

Among the several prints that the Plott's donated "White Tiger" and "Clouded Leopard" are professionally matted and framed.

Patti with CharlottePatti with CharlottePatti with Charlotte






Betty Allison

The animals that live in Betty Allison's world can hardly be mistaken for the fearsome creatures that stalk the wilds of most of America's wildlife paintings. Betty's work looks more like an album of familiar faces than an Audubon catalogue.

Born in San Anotonio, Texas in 1941, Betty had never even picked up a brush until her late twenties and by the time she reached her 40th birthday she was a renknowned local artist. Today she no longer paints but still resides in her native Texas where her artwork is prominent in many galleries, museums, and are prized by collectors.

Her soft brush strokes and warm colors capture the emotions and feelings of her animal subjects, embodying human characteristics in these furry and feathery friends.

Among the several prints in the collection donated by the Plott's, "Marked by Royalty" is professionally matted and framed.

Patti with Charlotte

Patti with CharlottePatti with Charlotte



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